Fast Component

How To Use the Fast Component Tool

Before starting, some intial assumptions are made.

  1. You have the Mozilla source tree compiled on your computer.
  2. You are connected to a network.
  3. You know how to use the commandline from a shell.
More details on requirements ...

To Run:

From a shell type the following commands:

# change directories to your Mozilla tree
$ cd /path/to/mozilla

# fetch the creation script
$ wget

# run the fast_component creation script
# without any arguments to see the help menu
$ sh;

# to creat a new project in mozilla/extensions called 'spiderman'
$ sh spiderman;

# to compile your new project 'spiderman'
$ sh -c spiderman;

# to test your new project 'spiderman'
$ sh -t spiderman;

# it's that easy!

What does the script output? Details are here.

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